Amorsima Trio is a boundary-pushing ensemble that redefines the traditional expectations of a string trio, bringing a fresh and contemporary perspective to the stage. Comprised of violinist Mia Detwiler, violist Michael Capone, and cellist Kourtney Newton, the trio was founded in 2016 through a shared passion for new music. With an unwavering commitment to expanding the string trio repertoire, the Amorsima Trio actively commissions new works, seeking out collaborations with innovative composers. 

Amorsima Trio's recent projects demonstrate their artistic versatility and dedication to celebrating music in all its forms. Notably, in 2021, they premiered 21 miniatures in response to Beethoven's 250th anniversary, showcasing their ability to engage with classical traditions while infusing them with their own creative vision. In 2022, they were awarded a Classical Commissioning Grant from Chamber Music America to work with composer Chaz Underriner to premiere a new work for string trio, video, and electronics. They have served as ensemble-in-residence at the University of Louisville New Music Festival and the Tarrant County College Summer Composition Workshop and have performed as a featured ensemble at Mise-en Music Festival, New Music Gathering, the University of Louisville New Music Festival, New Music on the Bayou, the International CEMICircles Festival of Experimental Music and Intermedia, and the Electric LaTex Festival.  

The name "Amorsima,” which means "that which does not come from fate," was inspired by the Xenakis work Morsima-Amorsima and symbolizes their pursuit to redefine the traditional expectations of the string trio.

Photo by Stephen  Lucas